3 comments on “WHERE MY DOGS AT?

  1. I told you Dak is a second string backup QB. That was a loss to a average team. I think the Eagles will make the playoffs. But they are clearly without some parts on offense including a good coordinator. The RBs flat out stink exception maybe Smallwood. I think Tate adds a nice physical element to the pass game and run game but I do not think its enough. This season will come down to the last game but Eagles have really disappointed how they are defending the title of Superbowl champs. They are not even in the conversation at this point and they have a very difficult task against the Saints. The best chance is to keep Brees off the field. They might have to get in as a wildcard this year although the division is not out of question. But right now I’m not seeing really any overwhelming talent on either side of the ball.

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    • I put the lack of wins squarely on our inability to generate turnovers. Our defense is too passive, on too many levels. Schwartz needs to stop acting like playing it safe is still smart if you lose.



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