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EAGLEMANIACAL is a fan-site for Philadelphia Eagles fans who want to share knowledge, learn about, and discuss our team. I’m not a journalist, and I don’t pretend to be one. More to the point, I don’t wish to be one. Journalists can’t get away with saying some of the shit that I say. 

Let me speak plain:

This site isn’t a tribute site to the Eagles. They already have a website. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to “spin” every story, and their admins remove fans who speak on that. So fans didn’t really have a place where we could discuss subjects that the Eagles P.R. department wishes to avoid.

That’s what I created this place is for.

EAGLEMANIACAL is for Eagles fans. I made this place for all of us, not just me. This is a place to express our thoughts about the team we love, and not have to put up with knuckleheads, e-thugs, internet trolls, or even worse, the P.C. police. Any problem with any of these, come SEE ME about it.