THESE are special series which focus on the long range aspects of the upcoming season.

The NFC East:

Offers an annual PRE-DRAFT PREVIEW of who has the best chance of winning the NFC East in the upcoming season. While other writers wait until after the Draft to make their picks, this series focuses on how each team’s Free Agent re-signings, additions and losses, have either helped or hurt them. Have the veterans set the table to make the Draft a complementary piece? Or is a team hoping that the Draft will save them?

(Correct predictions in 2017 (PHI) and 2019 (PHI). Incorrect predictions in 2018 (PHI), 2020 (PHI), 2021 (WAS). (Accuracy: 40%))


THE 12:

Instead of suggesting that we sign every high-priced Free Agent, or make a mega-trade or two, this series focuses on using resources that we already have. THE 12 looks at players already under contract, and makes suggestions of how they can be made more dangerous. Ultimately, the goal is to manufacture built-in, unfair advantages that we can rely on week to week.