IF you’re here and you aren’t an Eagles fan, prepare to get your feelings hurt.

Dal v Sea.jpg

Suck-ass giants


9.25.2016. This bitch throws a tantrum (like he’s fuckin’ FIVE), on the sideline. He slams his helmet into the Kicker’s practice net, and the Universe hands out some instant justice. On the recoil from the hit, the net slams right into Sister-Man’s face. Served him right.


choked out

dumpster fire


2015 giants tease 1

5 rings

kanye kissing himself

Kanye kissing Kanye. Mediocrity patting itself on the back. This is what it looks like when giants fans celebrate things like an accidental playoff appearance, that led to a fluke Super Bowl win.

ongoing tragedy

The search to replace Mark Rypien continues….






Best thing about the Redskins: Dan Snyder. No one works harder at making sure us, or the va-giants win the division every year.


Best thing about the Giants: This truly is a Miracle Team: Who else could win 2 Super Bowls and still be viewed as a second rate team? They have a 2-time Super Bowl MVP who’s also a turnover machine; and both of the miracles that happened in their house were against THEM. No one but the va-giants could pull that off.








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