THE next time some ignorant bum wants to talk smack about how our city has only won one football Championship, EDUCATE THAT FOOL!

Philadelphia has won one Super Bowl (2017), and FOUR NFL Championships (1926, 1948, 1949, and 1960).

Note: The 1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets won the Championship, but the Eagles are not the renamed Yellow Jackets. In 1933 the Eagles were officially an expansion team, thus the Eagles have no claim to the 1926 Championship.

Philadelphia does though!

Ed Thorpe Memorial Trophy (replica)

Ed Thorpe Memorial Trophy (replica)

While the game was re-branded as the Super Bowl after 1965, the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME RECOGNIZES ALL NFL CHAMPIONS EQUALLY. Here’s the link to prove it.

This means that our Championships AND our Super Bowl are all on the same level as far as the NFL is concerned. Anyone who has a problem with that FACT, can take it up with the NFL.