3 comments on “THE 12: #10 ROTATE THE LINEBACKERS

  1. Good analysis of our linebackers. We need better leadership at the LB position. Hicks has potential but is injury prone. Ellerbe has good physical attributes but just didn’t flow to the ball. Plus his career is winding down. I think the Eagles might need to invest some capital at the LB position either in the draft or free agency. If they lose Bradham that could be a very significant blow to the defense. He played at a very high level for his age and Im sure the Eagles do not want to lose him to FA. If Hicks returns to form and the keep Bradham and Kendricks I think we could have a very good LB corp. It wouldnt hurt to keep Ellerbe and Walker and rotate. Health is the issue at that position but they have a some good talent without much in depth.

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    • Walker sticks to blocks, and doesn’t move well in coverage. Better to cut our loses there.
      As you said, Ellerbee is on the downside. Just cut out the rot and replace it with fresh lumber.


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