4 comments on “THE 12: #9 GET ALSHON 1-ON-1

  1. This guy was playing at very high level at the end of the year. Need to keep speed on the field opposite him as well as keep running that ball to keep him fresh.

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    • I like the idea of speed on the opposite side, but I think the Eagles have other ideas, and are going to try and win with size on the perimeter. Mack Hollins isn’t exactly slow, but he’s no DJax or even Torrey Smith. He’s the guy I expect to start opposite Jeffery in 2018.


  2. The receivers were much more physical than in recent years. This team is built for the long haul. And Ertz is becoming an unstoppable threat and I think its a challenge now for opposing teams to really shut down this offense. Like you Im still not certain that Wentz will ever return to the type of player he was. I think he may be effective if he fine tunes his skills but I think he has got to learn from Tom Brady that he has to make slight adjustments in the pocket that buy him time. Brady as slow as he is really is great at avoiding the pass rush with the smallest of adjustments. Even Randall Cunningham learned that running recklessly was a recipe for disaster. I was impressed how Foles handled pressure. Its amazing how Foles skills were infinitely better when he surveys the field running the option game. I think we could be looking at a learning curve for Wentz

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    • I have zero doubts about Wentz returning to form. As I said, it usually takes a year to get full explosiveness back after an ACL tear. But it’s not like he was a track star already.

      What I really think he needs is a young WR that he helped pick. At that point the Eagles will get something we haven’t seen in decades: A QB built WR.



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