1. 1) Philadelphia hosting the NFL Draft: Cash offers available for whoever nails Kommissar Goodell in the head with a D-size Duracell. Bonus points if it’s a face shot.

    2) Rebuild? The offense is easy because they have a quarterback to build around. Upgrades at the O-Line and running back positions to start. Jason Peters is nice when he’s healthy, but he’s about ready for his AARP card.

    Basic concept: Develop offense first, if for no other reason that a good offense, particularly the line, takes time to develop. Avoid free-agents at the “big money” positions; you almost never get return on investment with those guys. Come to terms with the fact this team isn’t going to be 12-4 overnight. Think two-year process, and ensure continuity in the process by making sure you keep your coaching staff together.

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  2. This will likely not be a 12-4 team next year. That much we can all agree on. However, if we slowly creep up on being a good team (9-7, then 10-6 then 11-5), we are bound to have other teams picking off our coaches along the way.

    As far as where we’ll be rebuilding and what we’ll be avoiding, I think the Eagles are smoke-screening a little. That’s why I’ve been hanging back, instead of jumping into doing an assessment. I think tha THEY think that they have a surprise up their sleeve. Short of trading Carson Wentz, everything (even trading Fletcher Cox) is on the table I think.


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