1. Ive been saying it for years. They just refuse to add one or two pieces to give us a real superbowl squad. The team is being handcuffed. Wentz is talented. That speed receiver and a few parts will make a world of difference. Its a joke that Sproles is running the ball so much. I think Matthews just cannot take a pounding. They should go sign Ray Rice immediately.. I would even consider Josh Gordon if he is released.

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    • New personnel isn’t the answer for 2016. Remaking the roster at this point just signals a white flag waved above this year, regardless of how management wants to spin it.


  2. Most Eagles fans went into the season thinking it’s a rebuilding year. Then we went 3-0…so everybody, even some skeptics I presume, got caught up in the Wentz hype. He’s a rookie & so is the HC. Now they r making rookie mistakes & the hype balloon is falling to earth (so to speak). This off season had best be directed at protecting Wentz & giving him TRUE talent at the WR position. After reading your article I am back in the “rebuilding” frame of mind. No other way to think from here on out, for me anyways…very insightful article.

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    • Thank you. I just wanted to put fans back on an even footing. Prior to the season everyone thought I was nuts to say 9-7 and a division win.
      I’m in no way ready to back away from that statement BTW. However, it never occurred to me that the FO would end up being an obstacle to that goal.
      I’m now left wondering whether the team can outplay it’s management. I’m also very curious to find out which side of that line Pederson is on.



  4. I just hope this is one of your rare wrong moments! I can’t abide tanking the season on purpose. However, you make a lot of sense if you’re right. One thing that doesn’t make sense is why only “these two fan bases wouldn’t tolerate the term “rebuilding”.” What fan base would tolerate being TOLD that? I see fellow Birds fans all over the place saying we’re in rebuilding mode and other fan bases saying they’re sick of hearing it. Tami was one of them if I remember correctly.

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    • I’ve been saying for years that we need to (take a year or so and) rebuild (it’s all over this site), and yes, Tami has also mentioned it. We’ve been talking about the state of the Eagles (and the Cowboys) for years now, so in many ways she’s better informed about our franchise than some of it’s fans are.
      I expected us to be able to manage 9-7 and win a division that I assumed would be, as weak as it was last year. It seems that I was wrong about our forecast and the division, but at least we’re undergoing the badly needed overhaul.
      I just wish that at THIS point in the season (said the same thing last year), instead of scraping for a one year wild card spot, we could turn our attention towards drafting to build a perennial playoff contender like we did under Andy Reid/Joe Banner.




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