8 comments on “THE EAGLES NEXT MOVE

  1. More people need to start listening to you!!! I get to say that I’m not one of those people that called you crazy, nuts, a hater nor said NO WAY to you. Guess that makes me smart (for following and listening to you my guru)!

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    • It does. But you have also challenged me to speak in more positive tones, and find a silver lining here and there. I guess that makes me smart for listening to you too.


  2. I will admit you have had some excellent calls. I never even imagined Mccoy would be gone. I guess with todays athletes you can find a reason to get rid of anyone . Although Maclin made very little sense because he was a real character guy and a solid ball player. You can always make a case that any athlete is overpaid compared to the rest of us but more importantly we have to begin to question is this just coincidence or more of a owner visa vi management arrangement. This is Jeff Luries team less his wife. Its never been Andys team or chips team. That just deflects from the guy ultimately responsible. I wish you could at least explain that dynamic to your readers because if we do not understand the corporate mission then the rest is just folly. What do you think the mission is of the Eagles really is?


    • Lurie said back in ’94 that he wanted us to be competitive for a long time. He never mentioned Super Bowl, nor does he ever in any constructive sense.

      The Eagles are a more Fortune 500 company, and less of a sports franchise. Football is just one service they provide, and the team is an asset in a diversified portfolio synergized around consistent, decades old, regional demand.


  3. Honestly , I do not know where your info comes from. But I have to admit this year I really thought you were getting insider info.

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    • Not at all. I just know the sport and this team.

      Certain things work and don’t work in this sport, but we have an ownership group that seems more intent on proving how smart and innovative they are, than they are about winning it all.

      Once I know what won’t work, I just look at how committed we are to doing it anyway. The rest filters down from there.


  4. So far the results are showing just cause the Eagles decided to make moves it doesn’t mean they were the right moves. I have always mentioned I don’t care if the Eagles move on from players of coaches, but when you move on from them you better be sure you made the right choice. There’s been no grooming of replacements by Kelly. Just knee jerk reactions that are blowing up in his face.

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    • This is why I wanted an NFL coach. I wasn’t happy at all about Reid’s firing, but I got it. The idea of hiring of a non-traditional college coach was a disaster from conception.



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