8 comments on “TRADE NICK FOLES TO THE…

  1. I don’t get how so many fail to see that Foles regression (and Shady as well)was directly related to his offensive lines play. Mark Sanchez (and Shady mind you) is benefitting from a healthy offensive line even with that being the case Sanchez still scares the heck out of me. Frankly Sanchez would have folded like a tent had he dealt with ten different starting offensive lineman like Foles had to endure. Sanchez was 3-1. Well Foles was 6-2 with that terrible offensive line and no real run game other than Sproles. Trading Foles will be a mistake, because there is no way we can make a package appealing enough to get Mariota and there’s no guarentee Mariota come into the NFL and makes us better. Finally I think anyone willing to give Sanchez a long term deal is a fool. That guy hasn’t proven he can take a team on his back and win. In fact his history tells us otherwise. The last time we ignored history and ASSumed a guy turned around was Mike Vick. We ended up saddled in mediocrity. Trading Foles is a huge mistake on so many levels.


    • You aren’t the only person who has this opinion, but even if Sanchez becomes the man and we trade Foles, do you really want to go into a season with Matt Barkley as the backup???


    • Nope. I’m on record as saying I think Sanchez is outta here in 2015.
      But since the EAGLES aren’t about to pay Foles 12M$ a year for what he’s shown so far, it says that he’s gone after 2015 at the latest. If he walks then, we get nada for him.
      At least if we trade him while he’s under contract, we can get value for a guy we aren’t going long on.


  2. Both Foles and sanchez are NFL calibur QBs but neither one will deliver a Lombardi. If I had to choose one over the other it would probably be Sanchez. I think he has better footwork and movement in the pocket than Foles. Foles has an edge in arm strength but is just way to much of a statue for me. But look Brad Johnson got a superbowl ring so I could be wrong.





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