8 comments on “2014 IS MAKE OR BREAK FOR NICK FOLES


  2. As we discussed years ago I told you guys that this was the beginning of an orchestrated exercise of QB musical chairs. Lurie NEVER had any intention of making this guy his franchise QB. In fact I suspect he will buy some more time with Sanchez if he keeps the Eagles competitive. I think Foles can win games in some system. I think we should change our system if he has enough intangibles to take us farther. He is a solid game manager. Sanchez will be a slightly different kind of game manager. He can win games if you surround him with the right players. Can he handle the pressure of a superbowl run. Maybe. But you have to commit and this is what Lurie is an expert at disguising. I have yet to see him commit to any QB. With Foles , you know you need a roster of skilled players and pass protection. Lurie dumped Foles favorite weapon (Jackson). Did anyone even doubt his production would drop. If you didn’t think so than you obviously dont know the difference that superstars make. I knew it and think Foles has done an admirable job. Is he replaceable? Unless Lurie is prepared to spend 100 million on Cam Newton he should hold the course with Foles and add some complimentary pieces. He is going to pay dollars or the fans will suffer again and again. Simple formula is to keep your nucleus of players and it starts at QB. Are we really going to spoon feed another newbie for 5 years. Its a joke.

    • As I said in June-July of 2013: I’ll believe Marcus Mariota won’t be an EAGLE when he signs with another team.
      Until then I believe he’ll be our starter in 2015

  3. The future of Foles can change each week. If Sanchez plays well there will be article after article of bye Foles, but if Sanchez doesn’t there will be articles about him suiting up by December. The reality is so much can change by the end of this year. Foles, Sanchez, Cole, Ryans, Williams, Herremans, Celek, Casey, Sanchez, Maclin, Allen, Fletcher, McCoy, and the Fletcher Cox rookie class all could be gone. There’s a lot of possible turnover next season. That’s why I’m focussing in the now and right now they have the Panthers up (who btw have a QB that just might fit in this system, but I doubt they let him walk) at home. This is a game if Sanchez plays within the system we should win.

    • Right now I feel they (depending on Sanchez) can win against any NFC team. They have been littered with injuries, yet if the coach makes a fee different moves they could be undefeated.




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