• You asked that question too!? After all, he’s “Mr. Joviality” right?

      Funny how when Foles was the QB it was all smiles and clowning. Now that Sanchez is back there, it’s all bad snaps, Chiefs jerseys and not showing up for “team” pictures (isn’t this what he accused DJax of doing?)

      Worth keeping an eye on.


    • There has certainly been an increase in questionable snaps. They have been low and high. I don’t think he’s purposefully doing that, but it is concerning how that has become a major problem (luckily so far hasn’t bit them yet) that wasn’t there before. Found it curious he wasn’t out there when they were doing the interview. I wonder why it was never brought up?

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  1. We’ll be okay if we stop leaving points on the field. Our red zone offense has been frustrating to watch. If we can make the most of our opportunities in the red zone we would be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. I honestly believe that. I believe we have a good enough team and a good enough coaching staff that we could beat anyone in the NFC on any given Sunday. Yes I know that Green Bay pulverized us… But I also believe that if Green Bay came into our house and played us again it would be a lot closer the second time around. Chip Kelly is that good of a coach who keeps the team focused one week at a time or as he says “16 one week seasons”… We learned from our mistakes. I can’t say that about all the other teams in the NFC. I’m very impressed by the way we bounced back from that game…


    • If the Green Bay game were played anywhere else besides 28 degree weather, I agree, you’d get a different result. That game hardly worries me right now. In fact if we have to go there for a playoff game, I think this years experience will be fresh enough for our players to adapt to what each man felt he lacked in that shelling we took.
      I don’t see us getting much better in the red zone. Red zone football is a mindset. Unfortunately we’re a finesse team. Finesse teams don’t specialize in ramming the ball down an opponents throat.



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