1. I think there’s a serious possibility of Maclin going to KC. There’s plenty chances this happens. First off he’s a Missouri kid who pretty much didn’t leave home until Philly drafted him. Oh and by the way the guy who drafted him just so happens to now coach there too. That team didn’t have one receiver score a touchdown for them. On top of that there’s a stability with the quarterback that frankly isn’t here in Philly right now. He would be in a system he’s familiar with in a place where there aren’t ridiculous rules about drinking shakes and going to sleep. KC would likely have to do some cap dumping (a guy like Bowe should do it), but there’s a fit here if the Eagles sleep on Maclin.


  2. Maclin’s 1 year gamble is about to pay off. He’s a gutsy guy. I think one factor that many devalue is
    he wants to stay here. I would think our Eagles know what they lost when they let MeJax go so I would think re-signing JMac would be a huge priority. I sure have high hopes for Matthews and it appears to me that they do as well. See ya bye Coop.


    • Cooper won’t be going anywhere. The coach loves him and it would cost too much against the cap to cut him now. In some ways Cooper is your problem with signing Maclin as he’s going to want much more than that bum makes.

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    • I’m not so sure we cut Cooper this year. Due to his new deal (22M$ over 5y), his 2015 cap hit figure is 4.8M while his dead money figure would be 6.2M. It’s 1.4M$ cheaper to keep him in 2015. Cutting him won’t represent saving until 2016 when he counts 5.3 against the cap with only 2.4 in dead money.




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