1. Well you know I have never been much of a Cooper fan. I would have rather they just kept Jackson and Maclin together, but they chose to bring 1/2 season wonder Riley Cooper back with a size able raise. I thought he would be gone, but the Eagles outbid themselves for his services. They also blew it with Maclin. If he out gains, out receives, and out scores Dez Bryant (like he’s on pace to do now) the Eagles could find themselves having to pay Maclin top 5 receiver money. Maclin is a really good receiver, but I don’t see him as top 5 at his position. All of the Howie Roseman praise has to be put on hold. He’s responsible for bringing back Nate Allen, not giving Maclin a decent enough contract, overspending for Riley Cooper, and failing to find a reasonable trade for Desean Jakson. Of course Chip Kelly gets blame here too.


    • “outbid themselves for his services” Too well said!

      I don’t understand how Roesman even has a job at this point. The cap problems, the Drafts, and I’m STILL of the opinion that we gave up too much for Sproles, since N.O. was going to release him anyway and NOBODY wanted to pay him $3M per year (except us). Most people say “Eh it was just a 5th round pick” but to me giving it awaywas just one more display of Roseman’s wasteful mindset.


    • I totally a agree with you on Sproles even though I like him as a player. We overpaid to get him, and we overpaid him! Nobody wants to state it, but the reason the Eagles couldn’t move up in this draft is because they gave away too many picks to make any moves. That’s why I state the Eagles first round pick was a failure. It’s not because they drafted Smith. It’s cause they targeted six players in the first round and failed to get any of them. Personally I can deal without having say Josh Huff if it lands me Dix, or Mosely, or any if the other targeted guys.


  2. Im going to put a little more blame on the owner. Chip kelly couldnt have pulled that smear campaign on Jackson without Mr. Luries consent. This was a team effort from owner on down to PR director to run Jackson out of town. It was a money move and now we have holes to fill. Its that simple. Looking inside out from Philly its about a bad relationship between Kelly and jackson. Looking form outside in it appears to be all about money. To me its about the money. Lurie saved a boatload jettisoning Jackson. Sproles was a great add but hes a real short term injury prone solution.


    • Well look on the bright side. You’ll finally get your wish of Shady shipped out of town next year. I can’t see them paying him 12 mil to stay.


    • All I did here was present the facts as the organization has lined them up. This is all easier to read than a road map. All anyone who wants to see it has to do is look at it.


    • They’re not going to move him out of the slot. For whatever reason Chip likes him there. It’s a shame Ertz is such a horrible blocker. He’s been rendered useless this season.


  3. With the Qb situation things may change with personnel. I expect to see Ertz on the move.


    • I hoped the line getting back together would mean more Ertz, but with Herremans now gone for the season I’m just not sure. I think Sanchez makes them run the ball much more. More running means less Ertz.


    • Three headed running back monster. Polk, Shady, and Sproles. Sproles is a surprisingly hard runner for a little guy. Shady isn’t as elusive as he used to be, but still can break one and go for over a 100 in a game. Polk give them the ground and pound. The had JJ Watt one of the famous high motor guys in the lead sucking wind by the end of the game. He was worn out by our offense.




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