1. I fully understand your worry but I think it is way premature. First of all you can’t say we paid to much for him before he has played a down, the scouts are not always right look at the seahawks team as a whole full of late round picks that if teams were given the chance in hindsight would


  2. Draft a lot of the 1st round. Do you remember these words “who the hell is Mel kiper” or the fact that tom Brady was snubbed for most of the draft. But my best example is Ryan leaf and jamrcus Russel who were highly sought after in college and ended up being the biggest flops in the nfl. I believe the coaching staff sees a lot of strengths and the drafted players who are intelligent and easily coachable. I wait until after the season to determine how the draft went


    • No doubt that people have gotten picks and prognostications wrong, but that takes out of the equation that many of these people make a VERY good living generally being right about these things more often than they are wrong.
      If you want to wait 9 months to have an opinion about something you just saw, I am by no means saying you shouldn’t. But most fans don’t think that way. It’s why we go into games assuming our team will win, and are disappointed when they don’t. It’s why some Eagles fans are EXPECTING playoffs again this season, and will be crushed if it doesn’t happen.
      Fan is an emotional state, not a logic based one. If it were logic based then it should be a fool’s errand to hope the Eagles win a Super Bowl.
      But we believe based on how we FEEL in the moment, not after it all shakes out.


  3. I loved every pick we made. It seams to me your negative out look on this draft is not one of a high intelligence.


    • First: We don’t do the pointless disrespect/e-thug thing on here. That sort of behavior is for FB or the EMB. Everyone here wants the same thing so there’s no need for the disrespect.

      Secondly: If you loved every pick, good on you. As a fellow fan I appreciate any opportunity I can get to be genuinely pumped about my team. After the Jordan Matthews pick, I thought this Draft was getting it’s balance back. I was irritated about being wrong.

      Understand, the first 4 picks I have no problem with as athletes, and I’m cool with where 2 and 4 went, but we flat out over-paid for 1 and 3. Worse yet, we left legit talent out there for our rivals.


    • Hey all players honestly are expensive chess pieces and they are only as good as the man (head coach) playing the game


    • In a very real sense I suppose that’s true, but the effort and pride a man takes in his own game has a lot to do with it as well.

      Did you see the game film I put up of our D-linemen? Lots of bad technique is why they couldn’t hold ground against the run. The hope is that they can be coached up, but coaches preach leverage from Pop Warner. If they haven’t listened to that message by now…..


    • You’re right but at a lower level you can get away being the bigger or stronger kid and once you start doing it one way it’s hard to break that habit.




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