• Waiting for the ball instead of attacking it, allows defenders a chance to recover and make plays against the receiver securing the ball. It makes me want to go back and re-examine Riley Coopers drops this year. It would also explain why Kelly doesn’t seem concerned about it. If it truly is part and parcel of how the system is run, then Kelly could have made peace back at Oregon with this “deal with the devil”.


  1. Eagles tanked season probably because they did not want to pay Sanchez. How else can you explain the nosedive.


    • Because the LAST thing on Earth Kelly needed was to show the city that maybe we have something worth developing with Matt Barkley.
      Could you imagine if Barkley had a week of practice and went out and had a monster game? Even in a loss. The LAST thing Kelly needs is further fracturing inside the scouting department.
      Remember how in love people were with Kevin Kolb here? Safer to start Sanchez, let him do whatever, then have people bellyache about him, and fight over Foles. Even now, NOBODY is talking about Barkley in any regard. Better to trot out your starters and win or lose, you know who’s leaving anyway already.


    • Maybe if they did start Barkley and he lit it up he could have turned his worthless current career into possibly a 2nd round draft pick. I see no reason why the Eagles didn’t play their young players int that game for no other reason than to inflate Chip’s ego. 20 wins in two years.


    • There was no GOOD reason not to play them. I wrote an article bellyaching about that. Beating the giants gained us nothing, and so did playing vets. If we were home and trying to give ticket holder their money’s worth, that would have been one thing, but there was no GOOD reason to play our starters.


  2. Jordan Mathews, to an extent Maclin, and Riley Cooper catch way too many balls with their bodies instead of their hands. There were more than a few balls early in the season Foles put right between his numbers and he dropped it cause he let it get into his body. He also has a tough time making catches in tight coverage as did the rest of our receivers. I think Mathews is a good young player with the potential to be really good, but I question if he could ever become elite or even to say Anquan Boldin status. I feel the Eagles need to address wide receiver. Far too many holes in the roster to be selling out to go and get Mariota IMO.




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