1. Pre-season can’t get here quick enough. I have NO CLUE what to expect this season. I’m banking on a very good draft as I believe you have said. My biggest worry is our QB. That’s a big worry!


    • Yeah. The NFL Network did a story last night on Sam Bradford almost quitting. I saw the lead-in but I didn’t watch the story. I was too disgusted. Not at the idea that he had maybe had enough. (Who could blame him, if he had.) What bugs me is that our starter has already admitted to having an eye on the door. It makes me wonder just how much REAL fight he has left in him.


  2. this is a very unpredictable situation. Maybe by design. Plenty of potential scapegoats. I watched Bradford because he was my fantasy QB before he got hurt and he has a ton of talent but you bring up valid points about his desire. He can can throw with velocity into tight spaces and with depth. I know people bash Manziel but I kind of like him. I wouldnt object to a Brown trade but Bradford is pedigree. Tough call here


    • I say trade him. Even if his knee is fine in 2014, it’s still an issue going forward and if he’s healthy and plays well this year, he’ll want a new deal, which the Eagles will be almost forced to give him. That’s big money to a guy you KNOW at some point will have chronic/degenerative issues in that knee.
      That’s bad ju-ju. Trade him NOW.



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