6 comments on “SAM BRADFORD IS DONE.

  1. I had never seen him play before coming here and I truly thought he was part of a Chip trade puzzle. His 10/10 showing (I know, extremely small sampling) got my hopes up. The media got my opens up too. However, I’m glad I stuck to my guns by not giving a prediction this season. I was honest and I said that I have NO CLUE what to expect – we could go 12-4 or 4-12. So GLAD I instinctively protected my heart. I’m not giving up yet however.

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    • It’s still wide open so if Sanchez gets to start soon, keep hoping. But if Bradford is still starting and we’re 0-5, start looking ahead to the Draft.


  2. He’s the prime example of what’s wrong with Kelly. Kelly bought into this guy, cause he’s a number one overall, and cause he fits the statistics (height/size and so on) then he must be good. Kelly doesn’t care about the fact some guys are just good. If they don’t fit his culture or his statistics they’re gone. That’s why this fools let’s Jackson go while giving that bum Cooper an extension. Everyone wants to call Kelly a genius, but in reality he’s quite simple. Fast, big, stamina. The problem is in the NFL you adapt or you’re gone. Kelly can’t adapt. It’s why he made 4-3 players play a 3-4. It’s why he dumped so many players for the guys he has now. He can’t evolve unlike many of his current peers. It’s why he won’t last or win anything of substance in the NFL. It took me over 10 years to come to the realization that Andy Reid just wasn’t capable of winning the Super Bowl. It’s taken me less than thee to come to the same conclusion about Kelly.


  3. His performance has been poor but lets be honest. He is only 11 months removed fromm major surgery. His mechanics are a mess and he has a bunch of scrubs around him. Everyone overesitmated the talent or wanted to believe their was a method to this madness. But as it shakes out like it always does all you have to do is follow the money. And it went out the door. Pin it on the man in charge – Jeff Lurie. We play this same little smoke screen hide and go seek game year in and out but one thing is always a constant . The pro bowlers are gone.


    • Hollywood this guy never was all that great prior to that point, and if injuries are the excuse then why the hell did the coach trade for him? Why the hell did he give up a pro bowl player plus a 2nd round pick? That’s piss poor talent evaluation done by Kelly. This guy NEVER mad the guys around him better. He’s no rookie. He’s been in the NFL five years. There’s no excuse for this. Heck Kurt Warner never played an NFL snap, used to bag groceries and went on to take his teams to three Super Bowls. I’m not buying it, and don’t give the no pro bowl players. Chip sent them packing man! Sick of the excuses. This guy needs to step up and play like the talent he supposed to have.


  4. This is the typical Eagle mess. They have the fall guy lined up. Chip will win a few games late in the year and walk away smelling like a rose. They will bench Bradford, win a few games, blame him and act like the crap is behind them. Only they show up next year with a new whipping boy and treat us to a double dose of the Lurie special.



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