1. Now I’m more worried than I was. I don’t know enough about the talent (or lack thereof) of our O-Line to disagree with you. However, I do feel that not ALL question marks are a weakness – hoping for some hidden happy surprises! I have no freaking clue what to expect this upcoming season. It’s worrisome and exciting all at the same time.


    • No surprises here. Barbre was a career back-up in GB then he came here and was also a back-up until injury and then suspension gave him an opportunity to start.

      Gardener was a back-up in Houston for 4 years before coming here as a back-up until injury gave him a shot. He earned a demotion.

      Tobin was picked by us as a back-up. When he got a chance to shine he too earned a demotion.

      There are no surprises here. We know what we have. Kelly thinks all pieces are interchangeable however and so we have to endure ANOTHER season of him seeing that there’s a reason things work the way they do in this sport.


  2. The biggest fear I have regarding Kelly is will this team be devoid of talent by the time he’s finished his purge? Will we be stuck with a team of Riley Cooper’s instead of a team of Shady McCoy’s? When this is over it could be real ugly. Imagine if Chip really did give up all of those players for Mariota? Ironically every player rumored to go still may be out of here soon. I don’t see the plan. I don’t see anything other than a coach who can’t deal with individuals or typical NFL issues. I mean really the guys the Eagles have cut haven’t been in trouble with the law, but you would think these guys were in and out of prison on the regular. They are gone for no other reason than they gave Chip a hard time on occasion. This guy would have cut LT, and if he had him Dez Bryant.




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