9 comments on “EAGLES NEWS 9/23/14

  1. There are some valid points made here. Me personally, I think that Chip Kelly and the training staff know whats within the limits of these players. Cary Williams and other veterans could also be saying this because they are not used to training like this under their past coaches. Kelly was brought in to change Andy Reid’s lackadaisical approach that had frankly gotten stale around there. We also don’t know what Chip has in store for the future… maybe there plan is to back it down some at a certain point.

    I also don’t really see a whole lot of correlation between the injuries sustained so far and conditioning ( as you pointed out) ankle injuries, sports hernias, and suspensions don’t happen because of extra practices. I believe that Cary Williams is a prideful guy that has gotten beat badly a few times in the last couple games and he may need an excuse as to why. If im Chip, I call a meeting of the team, give everyone a personalized smoothie and tell them that if they have any concerns on how we practice, keep it in house…. Go Eagles!


    • I agree with Kracker. Of course Williams sat out two practices last week, because he complained already. So the week he basically was “fresh” he got smoked. Combine that with the fact Nate Allen sucks as over the top help I think Jackson and Garçon brushed his fragile sconce selecting ego.


    • The sad truth is he’s the best they got for the outside. I don’t believe the Eagles think Boykin can play on the outside. In fact I can remember more than a few time Fritzgerald in the slot taking advantage of him.nolan Carroll could be an option, but his versatility makes him a better fit as a backup. Watkins isn’t close to ready to play. Fletcher is too up and down and injury prone. Williams is they’re most consistent sucky corner and his ago/attitude is such an issue that benching him could cause more problems than it would be a solution. The eagles should have done more to address their secondary needs. That’s why I don’t get how everyone was so happy with this last draft. My view is if you targeted six players and you failed to get any of them you failed. I know Ha Ha was one of this players and the Eagles lacked the picks to move up and get him. Now we’re stuck with another year of Nate Allen biting on fakes and out routes leaving his corners to get beat in the post.


    • I was also not happy with the Draft, and I’ve gone into it on here at some length. I did like the Watkins pick though. He was value for where they got him after a couple of horrendous reaches.


  2. I don’t think Jaylen Watkins is ready, and i dont think Boykin has the size needed to play that spot every snap. Im not saying Williams is a bad corner… he is just a great one. You also got other guys like DeMeco Ryans, Bradly Fletcher, Nate Allen, and Malcolm Jenkins who all played 78 snaps with Cary on Sunday… none of them complained. It’s just baffling to me that he would say something like this after a win… i mean what would he had said if we lost? I like his hard mentality (i think the team needs that) i just wish he would express it like a leader should.


    • Between the report that I cited and what Tomlinson said on NFL Network,Williams is the only player willing to be ‘vocal’ about it, but both sources said that he’s not the only one who feels that way

      Regardless, Williams has said that he won’t publicly badmouth the training program again.





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