1. If you’re implying the Colts and Skins are bad teams I would disagree. The Eagles are wounded right now, but all of their starting lineman can return this season. The Skins are the second best team in this division. People are going to minimize victories for the Eagles (just like last season) but overvalue any of their losses. You can only play who’s in front of you, and they have knocked down everyone of them so far. Be happy 3-0.


    • LOL! “Aw man! Why can’t you just be happy with the wins?!”

      Of the issues I mentioned up there (defense and run game), how many of them are imagined?


  2. Major blow to this offensive line with Kelce out for two months this team is going to have to show a lot of character to make it to the playoffs. Still I think there’s time for problems to be righted. There’s no such thing as the perfect team so it’s to not like there’s a team out there I don’t think they can defeat. LOL I remember in 2012 you were telling me to be happy with some wins. I’m not ignoring the Eagles flaws. I just think they can overcome them. SB? Time will tell.


  3. Is McCoy not roiding or something. He looks small and slow. Something is missing this year. No exploion. Is he pulling a ChrisJohnson.


    • Every since I knew they were moving DJax, (back when people kept telling me it wouldn’t happen), I’ve been saying that running the ball this year would a LOT harder for Shady.

      Last year in Fantasy Football I rode him to 2 Championships. This year I steered WELL clear of him. I took Sproles instead.

      I think it was 20Dawk who said he thinks Shady will get hurt this year and I don’t doubt it one bit.


  4. I think that that is a valid point but when i see Demarco Murray running like McCoy did last year and McCoy looking pedestrian I have to wonder. He cant even beat lineman to turn the corner. Sproles looks better than I thought he would. I dont think he has lost a step. Im not sold on Foles and this game is exactly why I think he is limited. He has good skill players around him but one hiccup anywhere and he will be average real quick. Ill wait to see how he rebounds vs Rams.

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