14 comments on “EAGLES FAN WEIGHS IN

  1. Every time the Eagles win it’s luck or shit teams. You’re boy is an old coot. For the record I excepted 10-6 and that was when I thought they would be 2-2 after 4 games. Now they could end up 6-0 by the bye week. Can you realistically see this team winning only 4 more games considering they still play the Giants, Cowboys (twice), the Skins again, the Rams, Houston, and Tennessee???


    • YEP! He kept saying something along the lines of “we could do 9 or 10”. I almost wrote about it in the Yard, but felt it would be stupid to write about something that I STRONGLY disagreed with myself.
      What I find funny and I was talking to another guy who (like me) only occasionally pops in, even when we think the guy will be wrong, people generally lack the balls to lay money against his word. I won’t bet on sports in the first place, but with his track record if I did…


  2. There are only 3 NFL teams who are currently undefeated and the only team with a quality win would be the Cardinals and they’re arguably the worst of the three undefeated teams. By the way I wouldn’t just disregard the Colts as just a bum team. That was a quality win against a playoff team that beat your favorite coach Andy Reid. The Colts had to face the Broncos and the Eagles in back to back games. Not a favorable draw for any NFL team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Colts win 3-4 straight games.


  3. Maclin looks better than I thought he would and the defense is really stepping up but what the phuck is up with Foles and McCoy. They stunk the joint up. Foles missing big play opportunities and McCoy looking downright pathetic. I was ready for chris Polk , Brad smith casey or anything. The run game is beyond bad. Honestly , I have no proof but Ive seen athletes roid in my days and McCoy looks like a shell of his last year production. I can only speculate but am I just imagining the shrinkage?


    • Usually players start the year bigger and play their way to being smaller. With as hard as Kelly pushed them last year and is pushing them now, Shady may just be tired and too proud to admit it.

      He logged a lot of touches last year and is logging a higher touch per game average than he did last year.



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