1. The fall is spectacular . Its almost unbelievable. Even kelly should be able to try new things and copy other coaches play books. I thought he was a genius. But that aside, unless there is some miracle at play here and this is it the Eagle front office can hardly sit on their hands. Season ticket holders are complaining. Unlike the Sixers their is no pile of picks waiting. This is turning into a full blown mess. Reid was obviously very intelligent but too cozy at the end. This guy has decided to be real cozy real quick. So far , he is not even a blip on the NFL historical radar. He is just a drama queen. The team needs to make examples out of some players and coaches or this thing could get worse if thats possible. The funny thing is that 7-9 might get you in the playoffs.

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  2. It is because this defense is heading into its prime. The Eagles cannot rebuild but they have to find out which players want to play and which ones do not. Austin is a distraction. Cooper is a waste of money and should be giving up his soul to this team. Not to mention a weak o-line and a QB position that no one seems to want. Add a discouraged Murray…etc anf Im not sure where you start. I would not mind seeing Barner run the ball a little more. What do you suggest?


    • My suggestion would be similar to yours: Deep six Austin and Cooper, build the interior O-line, then draft a QB (doesn’t have to be a high pick) and then actually start him.
      But none of that means anything if Kelly doesn’t stop deliberately sabotaging the Offense.



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