2 comments on “WK12: PACKERS

  1. I agree about Cox. Not consistently crushing. Effective but not a 100 million dollar player. The D line lacks talent at DE. I like Graham but not stout enough. I was impressed with the Tampa Bay line. Sleeper team.

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  2. I also think the problem is at DE. Barwin, Graham and Curry are all very good pass rushers, but not one of them is an overpowering presence that can drive a blocker into his QB. All of them depend on speed and angles to get home. We need a 275-290 guy to put beside Cox.

    That being said, I’m still VERY high on Vinny Curry, but I like him better on a QB’s blindside. He’s more mindful of setting the edge than either Barwin or Graham. As the adage goes: Unless you know it’s a pass, play the run FIRST.



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