4 comments on “WK12: PACKERS

  1. Pretty poor showing. I disagree about Wentz. Considering the circumstances he did the best he could with absolutely nothing. This team has no star power. its a joke. The defense didnt adjust well and was giving up ground all night. I think the Eagles need a little more size at the LB position. Overall it was a real testament to the sorry state of this franchise. No depth or quality at WR and RBs are barely NFL players.


  2. Eagles front office should be ashamed of how they use Sproles. Bashing this little guy at the end of his career for nothing.


  3. Wentz is showing a ton of poise. Stands in the pocket and takes it upon himself to try and make plays with his legs when necessary. He has a great sense of where the pressure is coming from and moves. I think the blocking was inconsistent at best. They need a running back that can wear a defense down and receivers that get separation. Wentz is not the problem. Im not convinced that pederson is a good coach.



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