2 comments on “DEAR NELSON AGHOLOR

  1. Maybe I’m getting old too, but I see no legal activity she could have done for a 1400 pay especially if she didn’t keep the time slot allotted. With that being the case for a fraction of the even 800 dollar cost I’m sure Agholor could have gotten himself an Eagles groopie chick to perform the same duties this stripper did. They as were at the club at three pm. That’s basically the b-unit strippers on top of that! I’m not trying to make light of rape, but Agholor should not have gotten himself in that predicament. With that being the case this is a slippery slope for all parties involved. Her rape accusation is bad for Agholor, but if she were selling sex it basically kills any chance that charge goes anywhere. Not only that she likely would be put up on charges herself for prostitution, and making false statements to the police. The club now gets in trouble for allowing prostitution at their facility. Interestingly enough none of their private areas had cameras installed. Why wouldn’t you have cameras installed in those areas if nothing illegal happened in those areas? Basically all parties would be wise to walk away from this mess as quickly as possible.

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