10 comments on “HOWIE’S DOING SO FAR

  1. That breakdown that you gave really highlights that we are draining talent. Lets face it, if Bradford is not successful next year they will pitch Chase Daniels as pedersons protege. Im not seeing any star power here at all. Lets face it whne you make a run you need a top tier DE and DT. Curry could be that guy. Cox needs a strong body next to him . The linebackers look above average but of injured not deep. We still have Ol issues and have no WR guarantees. Now RB is looking thin. They better get someone that can take it the distance on offense because it looks a little slow to me. IDK not a real encouraging.

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    • Right now the Defense looks good, but we’re kind of shrug inducing at our Offensive skill positions, and we have deep and looming problems on the Offensive Line. Depth seems to be a problem at every position except TE and KR/PR.


  2. Not sure why you don’t think we are better at guard. Brooks is a monster who has been honing his skills in the trenches against JJ Watt. I don’t know much about McLeod, but from what I hear he’s a smart kid that is willing to lay the wood. I know you like some contact and from what I have heard the guy hits. Really Murray and Maxwell are additions by subtraction. They clearly didn’t want to be Eagles so getting anything for them was a plus in my book. Don’t misunderstand me though, I don’t see this as a quick fix. Chi Kelly has really done major damage to this team and roster. It’s going to take some time to rebuild this thing. Still I’m not ready to make claims that they aren’t better in some areas or whose just yet. They still have the draft and are now picking in the top ten. If they select the right guy he should be able to make an impact relatively soon. Frankly I was not a fan of Roseman getting his job back, but I can’t complain about what he’s done so far. I don’t expect all of these free agents to work out, but then again I’m not expecting much from them this coming season either.

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    • Really I’m not expecting too much this year either. I think you can’t win a division without a good QB and Sam Bradford has NEVER indicated that he can be that guy. The rest of these moves…We’ll see.


  3. He is better than kevin Kolb. But really, I think Eagles will add another OL in the draft . We do not look great on paper

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    • Saying he’s better than Kevin Kolb is like saying a crash dummy is better at driving than an egg. In any case he’s not good enough to get us where we want to be, but I agree with you. This team isn’t close to that yet anyways.

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