1. They have a running back need . Im just not sure a pick here is worth the investment. I would still like them to get more help on o-line and DT. I think there are good RB options later in the draft .

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    • I totally agree. In my heart of hearts I’d like to see them trad down and pick up a second rounder. But if they get Elliot, I won’t complain about that.


    • I have a feeling they are looking to if anything to trade up. It would have been a waste to get 8 just to trade backwards. Actually they have enough assets to likely be able to get into the 2nd if they chose to without trading back. Listen this roster isn’t talented enough to walk away from a top 10 pick just to get another 2nd. That’s the kind of being trying to be too cute crap that landed them Smith. Just go and get that top 10 talent for a team that really has one great player in Fletcher Cox.

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    • This roster’s lack of overall talent is exactly why you trade down a FEW spots to draft more young, cheap talent.
      Look, talent-wise a top 10 pick is filet mignon, but a 15th – 17th pick is still porterhouse. Serving filet mignon with Herr’s chips (the rest of our roster), detracts from the whole meal. Now if you can put your porterhouse with a nice baked potato with scallions, chives and sour cream, it’s a better overall meal.


    • Then they should have just stayed at 13. You can still get some nice potatoes later if you know how to pick them. In either case we are still talking about Howie Roseman, and that Porterhouse later could end up being just some ground chuck if he tries to get too cute.

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