1. They went with the Brooks kid and I’m okay with that. They couldn’t outbid the Raiders Osemele and the Bills dropped a lot of cap space to keep Incognito. I hope they don’t draft a guard early. I would rather they get a corner, quarterback, some kind of pass rush player or game changing offensive player, and take the guard in the third or latter. They really need to take about three offensive lineman. They need a guy to replace Kelce (he’s been exposed to basically suck when he’s not covered by talented guards) possibly Gardner, (never saw him play much after the extension) and eventually Peter (although Lane moves over still will need a RT.) I wouldn’t mind seeing them draft a guard in the third and have him battle Gardner for that job. If they take a tackle or a quarterback in the first he’s likely going to sit at least a year. Whatever happens they better not blow this first round pick or this draft.

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