1. Too old, too injured, and too crappy of a QB. There’s no way he comes back here. With that being the case the Eagles quarterback situation is a joke right now. Sam Bradford is an injury question mark. Sanchez is a turnover machine, and Barkley frankly sucks. Then we add Tebow and now it’s just a clown show.

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  2. I disagree here. I like Bradford. When he is on he is elite. And he can move the ball with garbage around him. In the right system this guy can be successful. In fact I would say he is as good as any QB in the league if you give him protection. Sanchez is a good QB. He wore down as the season went on but he plays like a veteran and buys time with his agility in the pocket. I like him and think he could start for a lot of teams in this league. After that its junk.


  3. I think we have a solid one and two. I was suprised Sanchez stayed in Philly. Even though he did not lead us to the playoffs I was impressed with his athletic ability and his reads. He just is slightly under average in arm strength. Its probably form injury. If he had that I have no doubt that Sanchez could win a superbowl. Bradford is a polished QB. I followed him closely because he was my keeper in fantasy. He has poise and Rams had maybe the worse line in football. Sort of reminded me of Randalls days in Philly. He can find guys open very quickly.


    • I hope you’re right about Bradford. Maybe the change of scenery will help, but I’ve seen a lot os talented guys with great arms fail in the NFL. There’s also something to be said about a guy who wasn’t able to make the players around him better. I mean Mcnabb was winning 10-12 games a year throwing the ball to 4th string receivers. Bradford doesn’t make the players around him better.


  4. I think Mcnabb was easily the best Eagle QB . The only thing stopping McNabb was his inability to communicate with the fans and management. He was timid around management and unpredictable with the fans. He just could not take the helm and guide the ship. He let Reid overshadow his ability and he put to much stock in front office guidance. He needed to forge his own path and never quite did it.



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