1. I agree wholeheartedly with you, once again Eagle. Love how you pointed out those other suspensions were for the off field infractions/crimes. Plus, I sure hope there’s an asterisk after the Cheatriots’ name in the history books. CHEATERS!

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    • I wish there’d be an asterisk to, but the NFL won’t do that, because the league would be complicit in having allowed it.


  2. The Patriots are frauds. They claim everyone is doing the stuff, yet they seem to be the only team getting caught. Frankly the league was too light on them Belicheat should have been done like Peyton. This team stole other teams signs and suddenly was able to figure out what teams were able to do defensively. They claim that taping those signals gave them no edge yet you see every Bowl they won was done by three points or less. The Patriots and Tuck Rule Tom Brady were one of the teams who had the fewest amount of fumbles over the past few seasons. Funny how Green-Ellis NEVER HAD A FUMBLE as a Patriot playing with deflated balls, but has 5 in two seasons as a Bengal. If the cheap tapes weren’t a big deal The Comish wouldn’t have the completely destroyed as soon as he did. He did it cause it cut at the very fabric of his league. He had clear evidence his dynasty team cheated to win.

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    • And THAT’S why as an Eagles fan I feel so much bitterness at Roger Goodell. The Patriots cheated multiple teams to win SB’s, but one of those teams was mine, and it feels like even though we ALL know what the deal is no one is allowed to say anything officially. We were robbed blatantly and it was blatantly swept under the rug. Now that rug is lumpy when you stand on it, because since nothing was EVER done to stop the Patriots, they keep doing stuff and the NFL keeps sweeping it under the rug.



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