5 comments on “THE 2015 OFFSEASON

  1. i strongly believe we are a true dynasty within the next two seasons. That is our true goal, to build an ass kicking team that withstands the test of time. Remember when we expected to win, and laughed when we lost because it was a fluke? Those days are coming back, and they will stay a decade. Keep the faith!

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    • I most certainly will keep the faith Amy. And welcome to the website. if you like talking actual football, don’t be a stranger. It’s what we do 365 here.


  2. Amy I hate to bring the bad news but Lurie wants nothing more than a competitive team. He was worrried that D Jax might give them 12 wins and a legitimate superbowl shot so he took him out of the equation. Lurie is a fraud. Once you realize that the whole thing becomes clear.


  3. I gotta tell ya my friend that I thought “GULP” when I saw this season’s schedule. I had us down for around 6 -7 losses. When we started out 9-3 I was deluted into thinking we were a real deal this year. But I have to agree with you, the 1-3 collapse stands out more than the 10-6 record with a tough schedule. I also agree it’s time to build in the missing pieces, not break down so much! Sadly, being a lifelong fan means I’m used to this 😦


    • What frustrates me is that we have the pieces on Defense, but due to one bad system after another (this one, the Wide 9, Sean McDermott taking over JJ’s system without understanding it…) it makes the athletes look bad. Especially at the CB position.

      As far as the schedule, I said that the last 5 weeks would be the meat grinder.



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