1. Meaningless game that I won’t even waste my time watching. Team has a ton of holes, questions and a crummy owner. Nothing has changed in 20 years in fact it may be worse. Eagles a team without an identity or a goal. No commitment . No plan. Just some hype and well choreographed PR campaigns. A front office with chump change to work with and an owner that spends more time in Boston than Philly.


  2. Its time for the beast to open up the ownership debate. Just a thought. You should be writing for inquirer or be a guest on some of the WIP shows. They are afraid to touch Lurie.

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    • THAT’S why I do it here! Philly fans can’t criticize the Eagles/Lurie on their website for fear that they’ll get banned.
      HERE you can speak your mind, but too many of them have become conditioned not to.



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