• I’m sorry. I don’t mean to turn his fans off of him. However for those who need an explanation for why a team that puts up nearly 30 points a game can be the earliest 9-3 team eliminated from playoff contention in NFL history, I wanted to give you the answer that they WILL NOT get from the Eagles.


    • No apology necessary. I was never a Bill Davis fan to begin with. Now I’m even less so.


  1. That interview with Lurie was a joke. How many times has this guy dribbled the same old sob story. Here Jeff I got a novel idea. Dig deep into your fat marthas vineyard pockets and pull out a cape cod motherload and spend it on the the starving fans of Philadelphia. You cheap little prick stop sniveling in these year end state of the eagle sob fest and produce a superbowl. Do not say another word except superbowl. Do not even open your weak bitch mouth unless its about winning a superbowl . No one cares what you think or feel about the young talent. They are not that talented and or good. Where are they now ? Munchin on popcorn watching the Ravens in the playoffs. The Ravens have balls. The owners got guts. You? You are a big pussy. The Eagles are not on anyones radar but in Philly. The team is a the punchiline of a ton of NFL jokes. No one takes the Eagles seriously. The Lurie reign is a flop. A failure . A lie. A RIPOFF!


  2. It shows that Lurie is the problem and he is controlling everything. Ive said that for years. Look, Chip wants to win . He made those comments about the cap to point out that he needs talent. Thats it in a nutshell. Lurie did not like his finances being messed with so he fires Chips hand picked guy. Now, Chip is essentially a lame duck. I think Chip has talent and knows he lacks the manpower to win a superbowl. Fact is Lurie is not going to give anyone the talent. It goes to show you how much talent Reid had when he first started and how Lurie slowly pulled the rug out form under him. Lurie is a flat out fraud of an owner. EZ you agree now? 8 years after i pointed it out.


    • I see it from the opposite direction. The NFL salary cap is what it is. Teams have to spend at least 89% of the cap under the current CBA, so the spending is a non-issue.

      I think what happened was for years the Eagles tread water under Banner and Lurie got sick of it and added Roseman to get us over the hump. Roseman was all SPEND SPEND SPEND and we did. To the point of Dream Team level embarrassment.

      Roseman and Lurie have been through that. Chip Kelly has no clue what that’s all about. And he has a habit of picking brain trust members who know less than he does. Just look at his staff.

      Lurie and Roseman understand what’s coming in terms of the cap crunch we’re facing and have seen that turning us slowly into a PAC12 all-star team is the fastest way to the toilet.


  3. They had no business letting go of Jackson. The players are probably still seething over that cost cutting move. I do not even pretend to understand the cap system but what I do know is the Eagles are consistently under the cap and nearly always at the bottom of team spending on payroll. So, I do not bother trying to guess the details. All I know is this team is missing stars. Sports news is reporting Foles and Maclin want out of Philly.



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