1. Your right Flip. Our conrers dont suck. The good ones just arent playing. Fletcher is average and WIlliams is a bum. Boykin hasnt done well on the outside, but could grow as a player (not in height) and Carroll is busy playing LB. I say move Boykin and Carroll outside. Move Boykin to the slot when needed and bring Fletcher outside. Then start Watkins at safety over Allen. He cant do much worse.

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    • I don’t think people are judging our CB’s on merit of the position. It’s hard to play great as a CB without effective Safety play. Otherwise you can be beaten fairly easily on routes like slants, ins, posts and comebacks. And the lackluster Safety play has been an acknowledged issue for YEARS now. It seems unfair that fans refuse to factor that in, despite how well our CB’s have covered routes from the “plus split” to the sideline.


    • Na. The corners have sucked. Nnamdi drc were horrible. Now ones retired and the other is stealing money somewhere else. Williams gave up over a 94 passer rating before he came here and Fletcher was never anything more than an average corner. Just cause they put on a midnight green jersey doesn’t mean they get better all of a sudden.


  2. I don’t think Williams is a bad football player, but he’s been average at best. I think Fletcher has been up and down, but for the price tag he’s been more than adequate. Last week verses the Panthers he had five pass defenses and an interception for a touchdown. I don’t think Nnamdi had five passes defended his entire Eagle career. I also don’t agree with people who think we have better defenders on th bench. Does anyone ever watch what happens to Brandon Boykin plays Fritzgerald when he’s in the slot? He gets his lunch ate every time. Imagine him on the outside? He simply can’t play the big receivers, but he’s very good against slot guys of similar size. Nolan Carroll has been decent, but he has a specific role for the team as well and I don’t think Fletcher or Williams would be much better inside. Watkins we aren’t even sure if he’s a safety or a corner yet. He’s just too raw to say.




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