11 comments on “ARE EAGLES FANS AFRAID?

  1. Shady doesn’t seem right and he’s still going over a hundred yards. On top of that Polk and Sproles are healthy and running hard. I for one do not think Foles is as completely out of the picture as others think. Otherwise the Eagles could have just Put him on IR and be done with it. I do think Sanchez gets an opportunity to play as long as he can, but Chip immediately saw he needs to protect Sanchez. He ran and ran some more as soon as Mark started to channel his inner Jet. This is how we win this division. The Cryboys have one back. We have three and they will carry us until Sanchez turns into a great player or Foles gets healthy. The Cryboys lose Blomogames and promptly lose two at home. We lose Foles and keep on plugging away.


    • And THIS Eazy, I why I don’t understand the doubt. I’m far from Chip’s biggest fan, but he’s got us where we need to be at this stage of the season.

      You want to win the division so that your spot in the playoffs is guaranteed. So far we’re doing that. It may be ugly at times but we’re taking care of business, one game at a time. Nothing about us so far says we beat anyone in the playoffs, but then last time I checked, we weren’t playing a playoff game next week. We could gel and look a LOT better by then.

      I’ll take this RIGHT now. Flaws and all. I’ll still talk about what I think we need to fix, but I’ll pop my collar vs ANY other fan of ANY other NFL team right now.


  2. sometimes i read your articles and wonder can one get any dumber? Even with the record the eagles weren’t playing the kind of football you see from an elite team. Our Qb went from two turnovers a season to two turnovers a game. Our offense didn’t score the whole san fran game. Chip has made some questionable decision making. so if you are looking for bravado, look at the definition that screams of overblown courage. Most eagle fans here anyway know what we have and until they started playing like a top team there was reason to be unsure of the team. There is no fear only wondering if we will see a victory and then there was the Giants game, one of the few complete games but still FOles was picked off twice. Interceptions in mass amounts are not typically seen in a super bowl contender.


    • I dunno Chris, I’ve seen this fanbase more pumped in past years, even with lesser records. The EAGLES fanbase is one with an “in your face mentality”. Seems sort of weird that NOW of all times we’d fall so silent. or seem so insecure. ESPECIALLY when fans seem to think we’re uncatchable this year. (Check the poll.)

      As far as Foles and the turnovers, how could you be surprised/rattled? For MONTHS I told my readers it would happen! Unless you were second guessing me, you also KNEW what was coming.

      I guess there’s a benefit to being this dumb.


    • I think what’s happening is like you mentioned how it hasn’t been pretty. We are winning, but we feel like it should be by more or just flow better. The thing is there’s no real dominant team this year. Every team is flawed and that’s why I can feel like we still have a chance with Buttfumble as our QB. Like I tell people over on the Eagles boards that are all out of whack and scared out of their minds. Don’t worry the rest of us will carry you guys kicking and screaming all the way to the playoffs. One guy actually wrote an article NOW ( we are winning the friggin division for crying out loud) should the Eagles lose out and miss the playoffs. Now I’m fine with a little tank when I know were are going nowhere the team is bad, and we need talent, but how can anyone at this moment want the Eagles to lose??? This year has been so wierd.

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    • TANK? I’m never a fan of that, unless you get of to a legitimate 2-7, 3-8 start. At that point, you yank the starter, put in the rookie, release/deactivate veterans you know you’re not bringing back next year and rotate your practice squaders to see what they have, and to know if you truly need to to draft at that position.

      But as far as panicking at 6-2? I swear I don’t get that.


  3. I think Eagle fans feel the wheels will fall off somewhere either now or later. When you look at denver, NE ,Indy…etc they have games , not consistently, that make you say wow. This is a superbowl calibur team. I have not seen a game from the Eagles that just blows me away. It should have been SF or Arizona but they did what they always seem to do in key games. They show up , play better than the opponent but lose. The NFC stinks right now. It is parody at its best. The Eagles could with a relatively good squad could be headed for a superbowl. And just as easily they could end up 8-8.


    • Even the AFC teams aren’t that scary to me. I don’t see a team I feel we have no shot of defeating. The biggest problem I have is the Eagles did a good (not great) job of preparing for this season especially on special tams. They saw flaws on special teams they addressed and improved, but they didn’t address Nate Allen or their corners, and they replaced Jackson and Avant with rookies. They didn’t address their aging offensive line and some of these problems could have been fixed via free agency.



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