20 comments on “FOLES IS GONE.

  1. Foles unlike Vick is still under contract for the Eagles so I don’t see anyway he’s gone unless a team is willing to trade for him, but that leaves a lot of uncertainty and flux at the position. Last time with Vick he was on a one year prove it to me type deal with the Eagles. Foles still has a year left. I think what happens is Sanchez is resigned at a decent contract, and he and Foles battle for the job next year. At the same time a young kid will be drafted, but I see no way it’s Winston or Mariota unless they fall in the draft. I still wonder if Chip would be willing to take a quarterback that high. I don’t believe that Chip feels he needs a QB of that quality. What he does need is his quarterback not to make bad decisions with the football. This year that was not Nick Foles, but I don’t see Chip as a guy who wants to commit big money into grooming and developing a young guy. So I see Foles back unless the Eagles get an offer they can’t refuse.


  2. Money will drive the decision. I will expect the Eagles to do whatever saves them the most money without jeopardizing their image of being committed. And it is an image not a reality.


  3. I would say at this point a lot will depend on what Sanchez does with the ball and the future value of Foles vs Sanchez contract. The Eagles will play them against each other. Throw in a early round draft pick to keep everyone honest. I think its a wait and see game.


    • Foles has another year left on his rookie contract. Unless Sanchez takes us to the playoffs and wins some games I don’t see him back. I also think Sanchez could easily be as bad or worse this year as Foles, but the Eagles still win.


  4. I have serious doubts that Chip Kelly feels he needs a “Franchise QB” rather I think he feels he needs a guy who protects the football and scores in the Red Zone. Foles didn’t do that this year, but Chip also isn’t afraid to take some chances. He wanted Nick to throw more this year instead of taking sacks like he did last year. Foles didn’t handle things well, but he really didn’t cost us any games either. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Foles back under center even this year.


  5. Neither QB can make a strong case laying claim to being a franchise QB. Its kind of obvious that without DJax everything we do on offense is up in the air. The Eagles owed it to their fans to put the best product on the field and once again in their deceptive and dastardly way they jettisoned an important piece of the puzzle leaving fans gazing dumfounded about what they really have . They are a playoff calibur team without Jackson . And more profitable. They are a superbowl contender with him. That simple.


    • With him we were one-and-done in the playoffs. He was once again invisible in a big game, while being covered by a 3rd round pick.

      Don’t get me wrong, offensively we’re better with DJax, but as far as history shows, that only counts during Weeks 1-17. Playoffs? Nothing about DJax says Super Bowl.


      • They did get to the NFC Championship game with Jackson, and haven’t won a playoff game since Maclin joined the team. Just an observation. It certainly wasn’t all Jackson that got them there. I would actually give more credit to JJ and Dawkins. We haven’t won a playoff game since they left. That’s a looooooooong time now. I don’t think we need Jackson to win (although I would rather have him thanCooper right now) nor do I feel we need a franchise QB to win. I think our QB needs to minimize mistakes and get the ball to the playmakers hands. That means you can’t have guys chucking it 60 times in a game. I think Chip Kelly saw that too much of Sanchez exposure gets him sloppy with the ball. He’s going to need a heavy dose of Shady, Sproles, and Polk.


          • There are some factors there. I think Polk, Shady, and Sproles have been hurt, and again they used eleven guys on the line this year. Having Foles chuck it was needed at the time. It also shows that Chip has confidence in Foles too.


    • Not so sure Hollywood. Foles has had to endure 11 different lineman to include three rookies at one time playing at the same time. I don’t think Sanchez could have handled what Foles had to endure most of this season. Frankly nothing Sanchez has done so far makes me confident in him at all.



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