5 comments on “OUR 5-1 vs Arizon’s 5-1

  1. This is a game where I think Foles needs to get acquainted early and often with his TEs. Zack Ertz is a mismatch the Eagles need to exploit, but Arizona is going to pressure him so he’s going to need to make his reads quick and deliver the ball like he’s capable of. Foles must protect the football this week. If the Eagles can get around 110 pass/rush yards out of Shady it should be a win. Eagles over Arizona 27-17.

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  2. This is an NFC East matchup to me. Tough physical game with Eagles slightly better. Tough to win this one on road.


    • Like I mentioned I think this one has to be on Foles. I want to see him win this game. I don’t think he’s Aaron Rodgers, but the difference between a good QB and a great one is how he steps up in big games. I need to see Foles step up. By the way if he’s been injured I’m sure this bye week helped and it does seem like overall he’s stRting to improve.


  3. Foles did his job . Chip didnt do his. Has chip ever heard of QB sneak with 4 inches and a first down waiting inside the one yard line . Total bad coachi. Like the SF game this loss on Chip.



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