5 comments on “THE SCAPEGOAT (Here is why we lost)

  1. Nick Foles is a serviceable QB. I still think his arm is suspect. But he played like I expected of a mid range starter that cant run or throw exceptionally well. We were the better team that lost our second game to a west team because of questionable play calling. I like how Chip has put the team together but his goal line calls were just pathetic. With an inch for a first down and a foot for a touchdown he should have dialed up a QB sneak. Got the first at a minimum and killed the clock. He blew it. and im reminded in this game why lurie is a crap owner and why we wont win a superbowl. Loose ends as usual.


  2. This loss to me is one the HC. To failures on that drive that he chose to kick a field goal on. The first was failing to challenge the spot of the second down run of Polk. If nothing else it seemed he got enough to get the first down. Maybe even score. The second error was to take Polk out and run a SHOTGUN run with McCoy. There were at least three Cardinals who got inside penetration on the play. Shady had no chance. Chip blew the play calling. I would also add the Eagles are putting too much in these rookies this season and the mistakes are showing. Mathews on the final play didn’t have proper setting to stay in bounds. Huff had a disastrous fumble. Mathews has a drop off his own friggin knee. Matt Tobin is a turnstile, but I didn’t fully blame him for it. The scheme was overall faulty. Every shotgun play was predictable. Herremans would look for Foles to lift his leg. He would then tap Molk, and Molk would hike the ball. Peters tried to anticipate this, but even he struggled, because THE CARDINALS KNEW THE PREDICTABLE SNAP COUNT! The Eagles line was at a disadvantage all game. That’s why Chip should have called more under center plays with varying snap counts and silent counts. Frankly when you’re playing a PAC-10 cupcake you can pull off something like that. After all your team has more talent, but this is the NFL. That’s not going to fly.


  3. I agree with you EZ. I think Foles is no savior but he can move the ball. We dont need a superstar QB but at least make his job easier with the right plays. I would classify Foles as a very solid game manager. And in the near term I dont see any better alternative and in the longterm Im not ready to pull trigger on a new direction. Chip needs to get with his own program.


    • I’m a “Foles guy”, but I have to admit he’s not getting the job done this season and he’s been terrible at protecting the football. The offense as a whole has been awful in the Red Zone which makes no sense considering how the Eagles have so many players over six four in height. I think it starts with the play calling. I think even Chip is second guessing himself and his offense in the Red Zone. He’s trying to be to cute and out think it. Red Zone is man verses man. The Eagles players are simply going to have to win their battles. If you can’t get one yard in the NFL then you probably shouldn’t be in the NFL. Just ask Joe Bugel and Barry Switzer.


  4. The Eagles were a player away from being a superbowl calibur team last year. You keep Jackson add Sproles and Jenkins you are elite. You drop Jackson and you are back to square one. I told you years ago there was going to be a QB musical chairs lasting about 3- 5 years in Philly. If they cant sign Foles for the right price you can bet he is getting his walking papers and Sanchez will sign a one year deal. Sanchez will be gone in two years and the Eagles will draft the next prospect . In all Lurie will buy an additional 3 years to make decisions. His two years of additional Reid years count as two wasted years. When will you blame Lurie?



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