1. i couldnt have said it better. i’m so sick of the we got rings we trophies. those rings and trophies were long ago. heck even during the game today it said romo has over 200 td’s in his career, but only 1 play off win, and 0 superbowls. yeh those rings n trophies of the past are nice, but they just sit on a shelf collecting dust. they dont make you a better team today. they dont contain some kinda magical powers that make a team better. i’m sick of the lack of respect in this league for the eagles. we shut out the giants ,and its , oh they are nobody, but today the cowgirls win and its they are the best team in the nfl. wtf??? i cant wait till nov to shut up all the haters.


    • You know what’s going to happen don’t you? When we beat them the media will make excuses for them.

      If we end up losing to them though, the national media will put on knee pads, and dislocate their necks spit shining the Cowboys.


  2. Fuggem all. I am going to focus on my team. Not cause I fear the Cryboys (cause I don’t), but we have an actual gam against a real team. Unlike the Cryboys who struggled at home against a team we rolled up. Not to mention they beat a team that just lost to the Rams. Anyways onto the Cardinals. Good news is guys are coming back and Sproles is practicing.

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    • I just hope we don’t rush Sproles back too soon. Wecan always use this game as an opportunity to see how versatile Trey Burton really is and whether or not Josh Huff can be used in a tweener role. (It was talked up a little during the Draft)

      While I have Sproles on 2 of my 3 fantasy teams and I could REALLY use him on 1 this week, I’ll won’t bitch if I take an “L” in the interest of him getting healthy.


      • LOL after watching them handle Kendricks with kid gloves over a calf strain I think it’s safe to say Sproles won’t play unless he’s absolutely ready to.


  3. I think we are the better team. But Superbowls matter. It gives you status and credibility. The Eagles have done some good but great things. When they are great you will know it.


  4. I agree with that with one exception. The Cowboys have a proven formula that works inside their structure. They need to alter ingredients. The Eagles are searching for a formula.


    • It hasn’t worked for over twenty years. The reason they’re winning finally is cause they finally decided to use Demarco Murray, but the sad truth is they’re over using the kid. He’s on Larry Johnson/Eddie George pace for carries. He’ll be out of the league in two years with this pace.


      • Very true. For Wood everything begins and ends with Super Bowls. I get it, but come on now. There’s no way in the world I can look at this groups of Cryboys and think Super Bowl champs. I’m still doubtful they’re even a playoff team despite their record.


  5. I didnt say Cowboys will win a Superbowl but they know what they need to win one. In Baltimore they stick to a very patterned style of play year in and out. A possession team with a strong defense. Whats the Eagles formula?


    • I would certainly agree the Ravens have solid coaches, and possibly the best GM in football. The Cryboys have neither of those. As far as the Eagles go I also belive they have a very good coaching staff. The have placed themselves in a position to win football games consistently. They are one of the few teams that has consistently found themselves in or around the playoff scene since the early 2000’s. They haven’t won the big game yet, but they are creating a culture of winning. The Cryboys haven’t had a winning culture since Aikman retired.



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