1. I think Wentz has to begin producing and show durability . What has me concerned is the back injury still an issue this close to summer . Is he a Tony Romo ? He lost a step last year . This year maybe a1/2 step . But I think there are lots of solid options at qb and foles proves you just needs really good manager when you have an abundance of talent . I don’t think that Wentz is the only guy that can lead this talented offense . It’s when there is a drop off is Wentz going to be able to carry them on his back . Last season I I don’t think he could carry that team even with the talent . If he is healthier he has lots to prove

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    • Both Matt Stafford and Derek Carr had the same injury and opted to play through it. Wentz could have done the same, but the Eagles tend to take a longer view than teams like the Lions and Raiders.

      At no point have we seen Carson walking with a cane or a brace, so while the vertebrae may still show signs of compression, it’s not as if he was not able to function with it.

      I’m far more concerned with the mental aspects of what the Foles MVP/back injury/offseason controversy/McNabb statement/drafting of a similar QB, will do to his game.



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