1. Just watching these games I think the Eagles have lost that physical presence. Banking on a gimpy Jay Ajai was a huge mistake. The Eagles just are not wearing down opponents and are not explosive enough to play like Saints Patriots or Rams. The backfield needs an overhaul after this season. I would not be surprised if Eagles got into the L. Bell sweepstakes. And drafted a RB in an early round next year. The Eagles might slip this year but the good news is Carson Wentz is only going to get better and it wont take a ton of talent to keep him near the top of his game. I still thgink this team could ride Wentz to the playoffs.

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    • I think so too. I was hoping that the Eagles would trade for a Detroit player, but the one I wanted was the return of RB LeGarrette Blount. They cleared more than enough cap space, all they had to do was pull the trigger and we’d have had that physical presence that the Eagles generally lack at that position.


    • I think that would have helped. Out of all the backs I like Smallwood. He is a poor mans Charlie Garner



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