4 comments on “THE RIVALS 2017 (PT 3 of 3)

  1. How about the myth that Dak Prescott is a franchise quarterback? At the beginning of this season, I said he wasn’t a “big time” quarterback, and he didn’t do anything this year to prove me wrong. Let’s just call it what it is…if he were a white guy playing for a team nobody cares about, he’d be getting the Blake Bortles treatment.

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    • Black or White, I think he’d be getting the Bortles treatment anywhere else. Dallas is a well known hype machine and they crow about EVERYTHING they do (Look Ma, I made a poopie!)
      He’s a flash in the pan. I said in April that the remainder of his career wouldn’t look like his first year and so far, I’m KILLING that prediction.


  2. Wait a second Beast if I recall you rated Dak the 2nd best in NFC East. I have been saying since day one this guy is a back up QB. Thats all he will ever be. Kirk Cousins is a real good QB that has developed into a true franchise QB. Manning is still capable but getting old and Wentz is still unproven with a ACL tear.. Thats how I rate them. 1.Wentz when healthy 2. Cousins 3. Manning 4 Dak. In his prime I give Manning the nod probably over all of them.


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