7 comments on “LET’S TALK PLAYOFFS

  1. Beast. Your analysis of Prescott was wrong. Admit it. He is the WORST QB in the NFC East. I love your insight and you seem to predict things I would not expect but Prescott is an overrated starter and in reality a good backup #2


  2. I will get ahead of myself. The Eagles are going to steam roll the NFC on way to a rematch with the Patriots. Lurie is old. He has made a fortune with his manipulation of Eagle fans and is finally ready to be annointed the savior of Philly. There is nothing left but a superbowl for this owner. It will happen and Lurie will sell the team. Thats all folks.


  3. Me calling Prescott a scrub, would be as wrong as everyone who was singing his praises last year. I’m confused though. Where (since April) did I put out an assessment of Dak Prescott? Going back and reading that, I not only described him to a “T”, but the rest of the Cowboys roster as well.


    • Oh my god. THAT is what you’ve been going off about for days??? Rival Review 2? The entire section on Dallas was DRIPPING with sarcasm and mocking. I can’t believe that you missed that.



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