1. There are exactly three wide receivers in the world worth their weight in span, and Julio Jones is two of them. Drafting a WR with a high pick that isn’t one of those rarities is like picking out a fat girl at closing time thinking that you’ll wake up with Angelina Joile. Upgrade the O-line and the running game first, and Wentz could put today’s Mike Quick in the Pro Bowl.


  2. Josh Gordon? I noticed Agohlor speed in Balto in kickoff return but not sure he is a great route runner. plays take to long to develop. i agree oline is more important. just keep that defense off the field. once again howie uses the championship terminology. thats not what i want to hear. you want to be a great franchise talk superbowl. i wouldnt use a draft pick on wr . i think oline and rb would be more effective use of picks. eagles arent keeping defenses honest. i think wentz has the full package . he has the leadership and drive that I think Mcnabb lacked. Not knocking Donovan but he just didnt have that intangible. Great skills and carried team on his back but just couldnt energize the whole city. Its going to take a QB that captivates the fans because then the management will have to deliver. wentz is more of a factor than Pederson and thats what Philly needs.


  3. I will say this beast even though Reids time was up in Philly I think he may be best coach in the league. I think KC might be playing in Superbowl, Reid is very intelligent coach,



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