2 comments on “WK17: COWBOYS

  1. Thanks Beast for an excellent season. I think the Eagles are on the right path but have to make a steep investment to break into the top echelon of the NFL. They need a a stud DE and quality depth on the O line. Lane Johnson makes an immediate impact on the offense but need an insurance policy up front. As far as skill players are concerned they need speed at WR and jackson would fit the bill. At RB its time to invest with a top 3 draft pick. I think kendricks and barwin need to go and a strong free agent middle LB would help vs the run. You add those pieces and our secondary looks all world. What do you think. My draft 5 . Free agent WR DT DE


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  2. Thank you for reading here!
    It’s well past time to part ways with Barwin. In fact I would have done so last year and not stuck Curry behind him this year. I wouldn’t be so quick to part with Kendricks, until we already have an upgrade in his place. Kendricks is a liability vs the pass, but he’s solid everywhere else.
    We definitely do need a stud DE, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see that. Curry and Graham are very good, but I think Graham would be stronger in a rotational role next year.
    As far as your Draft, Those are more or less the same things I’m looking at: QB, OT, RB, WR, CB, DE, and C, although I’m not sure yet where my Top Five are yet. I want to let a week pass and slowly digest things first.



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