3 comments on “WK15: RAVENS

  1. I agree with you on barwin. Doesnt fit the scheme. He is not stout enough. I know this might be crazy but I think Cox might be better suited at DE. I think Cox and Logan are still developing so I would not write off either. The Eagles might want to invest in a 285 PD DE . I like Hicks in the middle but not quite the presence of a Trotter or Ryans. On offense we need speed on the outside and quality depth at Wr. We have our 2&3. I think jackson would make a difference in keeping defenses honest. And you are right about the OL. We need a physical interior lineman and must start thinking about Peters replacement. Peters might have one more season in him. I think our draft should go OL, DL, RB. Free agent WR/RB/DL


  2. We do need more size at DE. Our entire problem at DE is that for years now every DE we’ve had is reliant on either speed or getting the angle to make a play. few of them have been physically powerful men who bullied blockers.

    When you think back to Reggie White (292lbs.) and Clyde Simmons (275lbs.) both men were stout enough to hold the edge, by stacking and or overpowering blockers. Same with William Fuller (280lbs.) When you get down into the range of players like Mike Mamula (252), Trent Cole (260), Jevon Kearse (265), N.D. Kalu (265), Connor Barwin (264), Brandon Graham (265), you notice there’s a fall off. Sometimes we played Darwin Walker (294lbs.) at DE and teams stopped running his way and would run much more at Cole. The evidence is plain.

    I wouldn’t pull Cox from DT though. If we had a DE who crushed one-on-one blockers, Cox would see fewer double-teams and would produce the stats that fans want to see. That’s why I’d like to see Vinny Curry (279) playing on Cox’s left hip. It would certainly allow Schwartz to use Nigel Bradham in plenty of ways.


  3. It’s hard to say what I think our Draft should look like, but if I was just going to prioritize the top 5 needs, I’d say it’s: CB, CB, RB, OT, DE.



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