2 comments on “WK15: RAVENS

  1. I was at the game. The stadium was half filled and the services were horrendous in the club section. I cant believe anyone would waste their money for the putrid food and boredom that was Raven Stadium. The Eagles were nothing short of pathetic. Not only was there no creativity in the play calling the team acted disinterested. It was embarrassing for the NFL. I have to tell you Im not so sure of Wentz as I was before. He was mediocre. He has garbage around him but I mean the coaches are scared to cut him loose. The Eagle product is piss poor. That’s the only way to describe it. Im glad I did not pay for that ticket. And anyone that says its hard to get a ticket to a game needs their head examined. Tickets were selling for $20 outside the stadium. We got offered $20 for our spare 40yd line seats.

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    • I can’t speak for M&T Stadium, or Baltimore football fans, but I can say that even in crappy weather, the Linc fills to standing. Next time come up here to see the game.



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