6 comments on “CAN’T CATCH A BREAK.

  1. Oh so agree with your article. During preseason and prior to Ertz getting hurt it seemed that Wentz and Ertz had a connection. Ertz is rusty. Hope he’s getting a tough workout. Time to work on the TE and hope they don’t fumble or worse get picked off. Celek is having a very poor year. Always counted on him for some good blocks. Not seeing it at all. This game is going to have to be short passes, move the chains and offense must stay on the field longer. Need to concentrate on DGB in the red zone. He’s got the size and strength to get to the goal line

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    • Since the WCO is predicated on short passes I don’t mind seeing that. But I’d love it if more passes started going to our WR’s and fewer ended up going to Sproles.


  2. Never quite pictured it that way. You r correct, of course, so the coaches NEED to figure it out. Like yesterday, they need to fix it & implement it NOW. No point in trying to get A Jeffrey or T Smoth when we don’t use what we have now, at least not correctly. Good article.

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    • Our WR’s still need coaching up, since they received so little developmental help under Kelly. I was already irked at bringing in DGB. Adding another guy is the wrong way to go.


  3. i dont know that adding a player will impact this season but our receivers have no speed. agolohor is a bust . he looks like he is running in a mud pit. dgb is a solid 2 and torrey smith keeps defense honest . now you have a slant and run game

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    • If the WCO is run even half decent, it doesn’t require great speed from the WR’s. It requires WR’s that can uncover quickly, find soft spots to sit down in and make catches in traffic.

      I agree that Agholor is a bust. They saw a young Jeremy Maclin in him (many did) and decided to draft him, instead of paying Maclin. (What’s that expression about getting what you paid for?)



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